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Hi everyone~ My name is Mary and I am a Shawol-Mvp! And I also like the spoilt kid Tae... But I have a little bit of cassie, elf and boice in my heart too, hehe ^_^
I ship OnTae!! so that's pretty much my religion. If you have any question just ask me~ ^^
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downtown baby, cruising, cruising~

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jonghyun. 15. rapper. all gucci no fake. lookin 4 a label & a girl….must be minimum of 34b. tits or gtfo. soundcloud: realmoneyrealraps. kik: jjonggotdadong. mixtape “livin life: my money & me” drops 3/17/09. hmu image

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SHINee OTPs: Onew x Taemin’s shoulders

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*O* :Q___________

What’s your name?

Kim Jonghyun?

Say it like you mean it!

Kim Jonghyun!!

Damn right it’s Kim Jonghyun. And what are you about to do?

Go in there and tear that ass up?

Damn skippy, young man. That’s exactly what you are going to do. You know why? Because you are a sex god and that mere mortal laying across your bed has no idea what’s about to go the fuck down. You got a lot of letters in your name, kid. Make ‘em scream every last syllable. Go get ‘em, tiger 

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I’m Your Boy Tour [141001]

During the final greetings, Onew rested his head on Taemin’s shoulder. Taemin then tenderly held Onew’s head with both hands. Then, he gently patted Onew’s cheeks and then held his head with both hands again.

(cr:@s_s4s_m, translated by @keihissi)

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I’m Your Boy Tour [141001]

While Taemin was busy dancing and moving from his position to another, Onew came up to him and teasingly imitated him. When Taemin moved to the right, Onew hopped to the same direction. When Taemin moved to the left, Onew followed. It went on for a while, with Taemin grinning with his hyung.

(cr:@s_s4s_m, translated by @keihissi)

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I'm your boy tour 14/10/01

onew:everyone, are you not hungry?